Regional relief goods donation project for Ukraine

“We want to actively support the people in Ukraine!” This was the mutual and immediate decision of Prof. Dr. Helmut Laaff and Mr. Fritz Helfesrieder (manager of the star restaurant Storchen) at a joint meeting. The wonderful outcome: The production of more than 700 canned goods, which are already on their way to Ukraine!

A cooperation of the Freiburg-based association Academia Meets Industry and the Restaurant Hotel Storchen in Schmidhofen made this regional project possible. The canned food, which contains a high-quality mixture of meat, potatoes and vegetables, was produced in the restaurant’s production facility.

Donations have come in from a variety of sources that have financially supported the project and continue to do so.

For a problem-free and barrier-free communication on site, the very successful design of the canned goods was conceived and produced bilingually (EN/UKR) under the direction of Ben Waschk (Managing Director of the communication agency Schleiner + Partner).

In the short term, 4000 cans of food will be produced as a result of this co-operation, all of which are urgently needed in Ukraine, confirmed Mr. Volker Höhlein, the managing director of the Ukraine-Hilfe of the Freiburger Stadtmission. For more than 30 years, Ukraine-Hilfe has been supporting people who are in urgent need of help. Donations of relief supplies are more than welcome; the canned goods come exactly at the right time!

If you would like to support this great project from the region, please contact our association or the Dr. Laaff Institute at .

Update 05/2022: Our canned goods have arrived!

The joint decision of Prof. Dr. Helmut Laaff and Fritz Helfesrieder to actively support the people in Ukraine has succeeded: 17 boxes with a total of 700 canned goods have arrived in Kharkiv. There, in the eastern region of the country, where the supply situation was particularly bad at that time.

Donations of relief supplies had been more than welcome in Ukraine – and continue to be so!
SWR also reported on this wonderful, regional aid project – directly from the kitchen of the star restaurant in Schmidhofen. Click here and listen for yourself!

This project was made possible by a cooperation of the Restaurant Hotel Storchen and our association Academia Meets Industry. On site in Kharkiv, the very successful bilingual (EN/UKR) design of the labels ensured smooth, barrier-free and direct communication.