Vision and Goals


The association "Academia-Meets-Industry e.V." (AMI), was founded in 2017. Since the beginning this association has been supporting the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Freiburg. The goal has been to establish a new study program "Regulatory Affairs and Drug Development – Learning from the industry. For the future." Within the Master's program of pharmaceutical sciences this specialized study program is intended to convey specific knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry of its processes, rules and regulations to students, thus providing them with better tools to pursue a future career in the industry. As a matter of fact pharmacy students today are no longer following the traditional path of working in a pharmacy, but are increasingly pushing into the pharmaceutical industry.

This new study program was introduced in winter 2018 and consists of various modules like clinical development and drug regulatory affairs, ethics and sustainability, patent law and product strategy, quality, media and communications. Most lecturers of the new study program are given by employees of large and smaller pharmaceutical companies. Students are Master students as well as PhD students of the University of Freiburg. In summer 2019 the first theses were written in pharmaceutical companies in the region around Freiburg. One of the mid-term goals of the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Freiburg is to establish a research guided professorship in the areas of "Health Promotion and Prevention" and "Medical Care". These areas are actioned by the State of BW as areas of special importance with the clear goal to establish excellence. The topics of drug development, regulatory affairs, access to personalized medicines, quality assurance, and ethics must be taken into account when defining the task of the new professorship. Pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Freiburg is expected to become a "center of excellence" shaping the health care environment of Baden-Württemberg. "Academia-Meets-Industry e.V." aims to support these efforts of the pharmaceutical institute at the University of Freiburg in both research and in teaching. In 2021, we plan to organize a round table discussion with experts from universities, industry, and politics to build  the purpose and content of this professorship, which is supposed to be an interdisciplinary chair between two faculties, pharmacy and medicine.

“Academia-Meets_Industry e.V.” will start promotion activities to draw attention to the academic initiatives taking place in Freiburg (new study program, Working fields in pharmaceutical industry). In addition, the association already offers a network scholarship to students to support them in gaining better understanding and more insights to the pharmaceutical industry to facilitate their future careers.

Goals of the association “Academia Meets Industry”

  • Stimulate communication between pharmacy students, representatives of pharmaceutical companies and representatives of the University of Freiburg
  • Connect networks of students to the networks of academia and industry
  • Encourage students to shape their own destiny
  • Eliminate reservation still existing between academia and industry

Insights to the pharmaceutical industry and how medicines are developed

Master of Science in ‘Regulatory Affairs & Drug Development’ at the University of Freiburg -

Are you interested in learning more about how the pharmaceutical industry develops innovative drugs and the regulatory process that goes with it? At the University of Freiburg, you can study regulatory affairs & drug development. The pharmaceutical institute in Freiburg offers a study program of 2 years to obtain a master in this discipline after you have obtained a bachelor degree in pharmaceutical sciences or other related disciplines.

From 2021 onwards you can also go for this master degree in only 1 year if you have the 2. state examination in pharmacy from any German university. In this case you will get approval for the knowledge and expertise obtained during the state exam studies. Hence, the master program is shortened and you can obtain the degree in 1 year (2 semesters) only.

This program and master degree is suitable for students who is interested to work in the pharmaceutical industry, in research organizations and with regulatory agencies. Courses in quality, drug development, regulatory affairs but also patent law, product strategy, digitalization, media competencies and sustainability will give students rich insights and knowledge to prepare them for a future career in the industry or related areas.

As the University of Freiburg is located at the border to Switzerland and France with many pharma companies and CROs within reach, students will be taught by senior industry people from known pharmaceutical companies. You will be able to conduct your master theses in one of these pharma firms involved in the program. Hence your professional networking begins right at the very start.