Vision and Goals


By connecting pharmacy students with the pharmaceutical industry and academic partners, our organization facilitates a network between these parties. In a global world, the pharmacy students of today want to be involved and connected to potential employers as early as possible. They want to gain experience and insight to the pharmaceutical industry. Students who understand the issues and challenges faced by the industry and who have written their Master’s degree thesis in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company or on a topic relevant to the industry, will have easier access to employment.  In essence, the students who go through the pharmacy specialty degree program and leverage the Academia Meets Industry networking will be well-equipped to gain employment and develop exciting careers within the pharmaceutical industry.

Goals of the association “Academia Meets Industry”

  • Stimulate communication between pharmacy students, representatives of pharmaceutical companies and representatives of the University of Freiburg
  • Connect networks of students to the networks of academia and industry
  • Encourage students to shape their own destiny
  • Eliminate reservation still existing between academia and industry