Lecture of Dr. Christine Althauser „ Thousand little things – communication, networking and diplomacy

We herewith announce the lecture of Dr. Christine Althauser with the title „ Thousand little things – communication, networking and diplomacy.

The lecture is a highlight lecture within the series “Working fields in the pharamceutical industry.”
The lecture will take place at Otto-Krayer-House, Albertsraße 25, in Freiburg.

Miss Althauser works in the area of international relations especially with China, Russia and Eastern Europe was well as on topics of European unification. She is a member of the OSZE pool of election observers as well as a member of the CNBW (Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg) advisory board. Since May 2022 she is also a member of the alumni board of the university of Freiburg.


Announcement of an ideas competition

The association “Academia meets Industry” announces a competition and calls on all interested parties to participate in the competition. The topic is “How to best use artificial intelligence in teaching situations”. The competition is intended to help promoting innovative and creative concepts that advance the use of AI in teaching, hence improving the quality of learning.

Participation is open to all individuals and teams studying at the University of Freiburg who are interested in the topic. We are looking for concepts that enable the use of AI in teaching situations such as personalized learning, the development of new learning methods and tools, or improving the assessment of the learning progress.

The concepts submitted will be evaluated by a jury consisting of experts in the field of AI and teaching. The concepts will be awarded with prizes (>500 €) that can be used for implementing the ideas. The amount of the prize will be determined by the jury.

Interested students / groups are asked to submit their concepts by September 15th 2023. The concept must not exceed three pages. Please send your concept to: . The Award ceremony will take place on October 17th 2023 at the General Meeting of the association. We are looking forward to your participation and your innovative and exciting ideas!

Friederike Zahm, Helmut Laaff and Andreas Bechthold
(Board of the Academia meets Industry association)


Schedule of the association in 2023

  • Vorstandstreffen on 31.3.2023 online
  • Vorstandstreffen on 05.07.2023 f2f at location at Dr. Friederike Zahm
  • Get together with all lecturers on 9.5.2023 at location at Prof. Helmuth Laaff
  • Get together with students of the scholarship and mentors on 14.7.2023 at location Prof. Andreas Bechthold
  • Annual meeting of the association on 17.10.2023 at location at Institute of Dermatohistology, Pathology und Molekularpathology of Prof. Laaff


Master student Isabelle Roux rewarded by the German association for market access

In 2022, the German association for market access, Deutsche Fachgesellschaft für Market Access e.V., rewarded Isabelle Roux, one of our Master students for her Master thesis: Auswirkungen der bedingten Zulassung von Medikamenten auf die Erstattung in der EU.

This is an excellent example for the quality and high topicality of the Master theses within our program. Congrats to Isabelle!


The Phoenix Pharmacy Science Award 2021 at the Category Pharmaceutical Biology was awarded to Prof. Dr. A. Bechthold and his Research Group.

The research group is thus awarded for its outstanding work and publication “Secondary nucleotide messenger c-di-GMP exerts a global control on natural product biosynthesis in streptomycetes” in the journal “Nucleic Acid Research“, carried out by Dr. Roman Makitrynskyy, Olga Tsypik, Desirée Nuzzo of the working group in cooperation with Dr. Thomas Paululat, head of NMR facilities and research associate at the University of Siegen, and Prof. Dr. David L. Zechel, Department of Chemistry, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada under the direction of Prof. Dr. Andreas Bechthold.


Master’s program “Regulatory Affairs & Drug Development

At the winter semester and in further study years, there will be another opportunity to enroll in the unique Master’s program “Regulatory Affairs & Drug Development” at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg. It is best to register with your study coordinator as soon as possible using this form.

Watch this video to find a short introduction into the study program.

You can find even more information about the master’s program via this recording of an information event about the master profile line from Mai of 2021. The recording also starts with the previous introduction video.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Andreas Bechthold, Executive Director of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, about the Master’s Program “Regulatory Affairs & Drug Development” (in German only)

Interview with Prof. Dr. Helmut Laaff , CEO – Institut für Dermatohistology, Pathology, Molecular Pathology, about the Master’s Program “Regulatory Affairs & Drug Development” (in German only)

Interview with Daniela Dietz, Head of Regulatory ad Dr. Regenold GmbH, about the Master’s Program “Regulatory Affairs & Drug Development” (in German only)

Video Testimonials of (former) Students of the Master’s Program “Regulatory Affairs & Drug Development”